Business Deposits

A True Partner for Your Business.

Consult with AVB Treasury Management for the best account to fit your banking needs.

Whether you are a business of one or a thousand, you can count on us to make banking simpler and your success more achievable. In addition to business checking fundamentals, we offer a wide suite of commercial and treasury services to support your business.

With no monthly maintenance fee, this account is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with low transaction volume.

This account provides the the checking essentials needed to manage cash flow, plus interest!

Designed to deliver value and provide features that meet daily business demands, this corporate account provides customizable solutions and incorporates treasury management tools.

Committed to supporting our local community, this account is perfect for meeting the unique needs of non-profit organizations.

With a ZBA, businesses can reduce costs, eliminate manual transfers and stay a step ahead when eliminating idle balances.

Whether saving for a planned purchase or maintaining reserves for an unexpected event, the IMMA is a hassle-free way to grow funds.

Saving for those unexpected business expenses is a smart move for any size business.

Access FDIC insurance above $250,000, preserve daily liquidity and earn returns with the flexible IntraFi Network Deposits DDA-MMDA Option.

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