Miscellaneous Fees & Charges

Account Activity Fees
Charge Back (per item)
Deposit Slips (each) $0.50
Direct Deposit FREE
Dormant Account Fee (per statement cycle)
Savings Accounts: After 18 months of no activity
Checking & MMA Accounts: After 12 months of no activity
Overdraft Item (per item returned)
Overdraft Item (per item paid)
Overdraft Transfer (per transfer)
Print Special Statement (per copy)
Rejected Item (per cycle)
Requested Statement Cycle (per statement cycle)
Stop Payment (per stop payment)
Temporary Checks (each)

ATM/CheckCard Service Fees
Card Issue Fee (1st Card) FREE
Card Replacement Fee (per replacement card) $15.00
ATM/CheckCard Annual Fee FREE
Balance Inquiry Fees
Balance Inquiry (Assisted: per inquiry)
Balance Inquiry (Secure Online Banking) FREE
Balance Inquiry (Telephone Banking) FREE
Bank Bag Charges
Locking Bag $35.00
Zipper Bags $8.00
Collection Charges
Incoming Collection (per item) $12.00
Outgoing Collection (per item) $12.00
International Collection (Under $1K) $15.00 + Cost
International Collection ($1K and Over) $30.00 + Cost
Legal Fees
Garnishments $100
Child Support - $20.00
IRS - $10.00
Lockbox Fees
Lockbox Postage  AT COST
Lockbox Monthly Fee $80.00
Lockbox Fax Fee (per page) $2.00
Lockbox Per Item  $0.30
Lockbox Copies (per page) $0.20
Lockbox Keyed Data per Field (Numeric: per entry)
Lockbox Keyed Data per Field (Alpha: per entry)
Lockbox Monthly Electronic Transmission
Lockbox Monthly Email 
Merchant Service Fees
VISA/MasterCard Monthly Fee $7.75
Merchant Application Fee $50.00
Equipment (Dependent on type) AT COST
Other Service & Fees
Research/Reconciliation (per hour, one hour minimum) $40.00
Indemnity Bond (ACH and Cashier's Checks) NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
Indemnity Bond (Other services) $10.00 + COST
Statement Copy (Duplicate without images) $5.00
Statement Copy (Duplicate with images) $5.00 + $1 per imaged page
Statement Copy (Temporary) $5.00
Currency (Per strap) $0.50
Credit Reports/Account Verification $20.00
Fax (Per page) $3.00
Item Copy $2.00
Photocopy $2.00
Notary (FREE for some account types) $5.00
Notary (Non-customer: approval required) $5.00
CD ROM (Statements and images: per CD) $30.00
Sight Draft $4.00
Check Cashing Fee (Non-customer) 5% or $10 minimum
Official/Bank Issued Check Fees
Cashier's Check (FREE for some account types: limit five per month) $4.00
Cashier's Check (Non-customer) $6.00
Money Order (FREE for some account types: limit five per month) $4.00
Money Order (Non-customers) $6.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees 

3 x 5 Box (annual) $20.00
3 x 7 Box (annual) $30.00
3 x 10 Box (annual) $35.00
4 x 10 Box (annual) $40.00
5 x 10 Box (annual) $55.00
7 x 10 Box (annual) $70.00
10 x 10 Box (annual) $80.00
Key Deposit (2 keys)
Drill Box (Lost key) $300.00
Lock Replacement AT COST
Telephone Transfer Charge
Telephone Transfer (Assisted) $3.00
Telephone Transfer (Telephone Banking) FREE
Wire Transfer Fees
Incoming Wire $10.00
Outgoing Wire $17.00
International Wire $50.00
Night Depository Fees
Night Depository Key Deposit $20.00
Online Banking
Consumer Online Bill Payment (Monthly) 

FREE up to 10 transactions $0.40 each thereafter 
Inactive Bill Payment Service Fee $6.00 after 90 days of non-usage
Online Banking
Commercial Online Bill Pay (Monthly)

Small Business Checking
FREE up to 10 transactions, $0.50 each thereafter
Inactive Bill Payment Service Fee $6.00 after 90 days of non-usage
Commercial Checking $6.00 up to 10 transactions, $0.50 each thereafter
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