Positive Pay

Prevent account fraud before it occurs.

Check Fraud On The Rise.

The American Bankers Association reports that check fraud is growing at a rapid rate. With advancements in inexpensive PC and desktop publishing software, this major financial crime is expected to continue escalating.

Solution: AVB Positive Pay.

What is Positive Pay?
Positive Pay is a fraud-prevention system offered to AVB small business and commercial checking customers to help identify forged, altered and counterfeit company checks before encountering a loss. The Positive Pay process is automated, through AVB's online cash-management system, and serves as a major deterrent to check fraud.
How does AVB Positive Pay work?
  1. When daily business checks are written and entered into the online system (check number and dollar amount), they are uploaded to AVB.
  2. AVB Positive Pay matches the checks your company issues with those presented for payment. 
  3. Matching checks and information are processed for payment.
  4. Any items presented for payment that differ from your company's uploaded information are flagged, and AVB communicates the discrepancy.
  5. Your company confirms that payment should proceed or that the payment should be rejected.
BOTTOMLINE:  If fraud was attempted, it never hits the actual account and does not result in a loss to the company.